Svet Vín


New online store

For the Svet Vín, we have created a modern e-commerce website, designed for the efficient sale of top-quality wines with B2C and B2B solutions, multilingual and multi-currency options.

Diversity of wines on a diverse e-commerce platform



Svet Vín




Project Duration

3 months


For the Svet Vín, we have created an e-commerce platform that highlights their wide range of top-quality wines. The platform is designed to be efficient and resource-saving on the server side while providing a high level of user comfort.

The integration of B2C and B2B solutions allows the company to effectively address both individual customers and business partners. Multilingual and multi-currency options ensure that the website is accessible and user-friendly for a variety of customers from different countries.

Overall, the website's design reflects the company's modern approach to wine sales and offers customers a comfortable and intuitive shopping experience, thereby supporting the growth and development of the Svet Vín brand in the digital environment.

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